Soozana Pvan


That Almost 'Missed' Wedding...

That beautiful moment where the bride holds her chest in, breathes heavy and closes her eyes and prays as she realises - This is it.

The make up artist was Nisha MUA.

Shaylla wore a beautiful Fuschia pink for her first saree and changed into a dark chilli red saree (Koorai).

Interesting how I managed to capture this Image of our beautiful bride Shaylla Rajah. I remember Shaylla messaged me on my page, requesting for me to take her wedding photos in Frankfurt - Germany. Unfortunately I had another client asking for the exact same date that of Shaylla’s and I could not make a quick decision as the previous client had not confirmed her booking as of yet. Shaylla was persistent on having me as her Photographer - So I mailed the previous client asking if she was not to reply me within a few days I will have to give the booking to someone else. And as noted, the previous client hadn’t replied and I agreed to take Shaylla’s wedding in Germany.

Today I tell myself, I am so glad I was able to document Shaylla’s wedding.

This shot has given me accolades of acknowledgement internationally and locally.  If I remember very clearly - whilst this moment of tying the wedding chain around the bride was just about to happen, I stood there silently holding my 70-200mm Lens fixed on a 7D camera; with my eyes looking through the camera. Suddenly there was a huge number of iphones to ipad that started to appear in the forefront of my lens. I looked up at the bride and the groom and they could see I was struggling. The groom Arash quickly pointed his finger to the side and asked me to move closer - so I would retain myself from any disturbances. So I moved. You see, in a Tamil Hindu wedding - the groom swaps sides with the bride (The groom moves to the left to tie the chain round) - so where I now stood was at the back of the groom. I panicked. Arash started tying the knot - Without any hesitations I jumped over a few objects, fruits and plates that lay on the floor and without thinking twice and snapped at the brides face thrice with one zoom lens fixed camera and then with the wide lens fixed camera. I looked up and saw that the tie was now knotted at the back and I looked down at my camera. I took a deep breath and pressed on the picture view button and saw these shots were taken. I sighed with relief. I didn’t think those pictures would change my career so much, but It did. This extremely emotive Image of Shaylla was a blessing in disguise.